Can CBD Overturn The Effect Of THC? Let’s Scoop Out The Reality

Posted on by Alejandro Sosa

In a last decade or so, CBD and THC have gained excessive outpour among the public. Social media and corporate campaigns have dragged the merits/demerits of both the components in public domain.

These campaigns have clarified why cannabis has been regarded as one of the most debatable natural genus throughout its existence. The answer lies in its primary and more importantly contrasting components- THC and CBD. An easy parallelism can be drawn between both of them. The famous analogy of dark–bright can be perfectly stitched to the collective growth of THC and CBD.

The influencing properties of both the components are relatively opposite. It describes how evidently opposite or conflicting forces may actually be interconnected, and interdependent for each other’s existence in the natural world.


The answer for the question is: Yes, CBD can nullify the effect of THC. It has been clinically tested by the researchers. Also, the recreational users who are in positive acknowledgment portray the successful muting story of CBD on THC.

THC Attributes

  1. THC instill stoneness in its consumer(since it is psychoactive).
  2. It also guides substance intoxication, which is potentially maladaptive and impairing.
  3. It propels the psychotic-ness which is harmful(not necessarily), though reversible.

But why does THC conducts its operation in this fashion? What is its modus operandi? Consider THC as a connecting plug/catalyst. As soon as it enters the socket, the circuit is completed. The CB1 receptors(located in central and peripheral nervous system) of the body come in communication with THC as soon as it is injected. This agonizes the receptors. THC is known for stimulating the “dormant receptors”.

The sensory faculties might get elated by consumption of THC but it comes with a lot of undesirable intoxication. Hence it is called the darker side of cannabis. Legality of THC for the recreational users has been in question and its future seems to be as bleak as its past. And this the reason why THC’s official products are barely available in the market.

CBD Attributes

The other side or the brighter side of cannabis is CBD. CBD is known to react in opposite manner. It behaves like an antipruritic, antidepressant component.

  1. It is a non-psychoactive remedy for some of the commonly occurring illness.
  2. It induces the calmness and is believed to nullify the malignant growth of cancer cells.
  3. Hence, CBD edibles like CBD Chocolate bars and CBD beauty products like CBD powders are known to coup several diseases.

But what divorces CBD from its counterpart and fellow psychoactive content- THC? The answer is deeply rooted in its behavioral etiquette with CB1 receptors. CBD acts as an antagonist for CB1 and is not a good fit for CB1 receptors.

This means that CBD doesn’t suppress or stimulate those receptors, but it puts a clamp to the effect of THC on CB1 receptors. If THC is an acid, CBD is a base. If THC is in compliance with the receptors, CBD is noncompliant. If THC is a shady cannabinoid, CBD is a good cannabinoid.  If both are taken at the same time, THC would stimulate the CB1 receptors while CBD would dampen the effect of THC on those receptors(it depends on the dose of both the constituents).

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